How would you live
if you really knew you are
a timeless being of energy,
an indestructible soul,
an infinite being of consciousness?

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Everything you ever
wanted to know about
life, death, and afterlife . . .
from 12 top consciousness experts

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You have a miraculous body.

You possess a powerful mind.

You are an infinite being of energy. 

Are you ready to live accordingly?

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Meet Dr. Mark Pitstick

“Mark has assembled a wealth of evidence about our
spiritual natures that can be immensely
comforting and healing . . .”
-Bernie Siegel, M.D.

“I love your book, especially its spiritual context.
Keep on writing and sharing!”

- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

“A sensible approach for the creation of a harmonious
interaction between all the elements that
structure your life.”
 - Deepak Chopra, MD

“A powerful approach to centering your life.”
-Wayne Dyer, Ed.D.

Meet Dr. Mark Pitstick

Learn comforting and inspiring news that you must know, especially if:

  1. a beloved child has died
  2. loved ones ended their earth-experience
  3. you are dying

  4. you are considering suicide
  5. a loved one is dying or has died
  6. you’re struggling with tough changes and challenges

  7. you’re searching for sensible, evidence-based answers to your biggest questions about life, death, and afterlife
  8. you want to fine-tune your body / mind, the temple of your soul

Dr. Pitstick's books, movie, CDs, coaching, and workshops can help you KNOW and SHOW that you are a wise, special and eternal being of energy/spirit/consciousness. What’s more, you are in fact, an integral and infinite part of Source Energy/God right now and always.

That means you have everything you need to handle all of life's greatest challenges—even your death and that of a loved one—with peace, purpose, wisdom, and clarity. I’ll show you how.