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Soul Proof: Compelling Evidence You Are an Infinite Spiritual Being

Are you looking for convincing proof of your immortal soul nature?

Are you fearful or grieving about the death of yourself or your loved ones?

Do you struggle with life's challenges and suffer from past tragedies and disappointments?  

Are you ready to achieve body/ mind/ spirit wellness so you can enjoy life fully?  

Do you want to let your light shine more brightly, to enjoy full potential living and bless others?     



recent Soul Proof articles

"Changing Worlds in Eight Days: Lessons from the Life and Death of Bill Pitstick"
This is a beautiful tribute to the life and death of Dr. Pitstick's father. Death doesn't have to be difficult. For an inspirational reading about how crossing over can happen peacefully, read this article.

"Handling the Passing of a Loved One"
Did you ever wonder how you might handle the passing of someone you love very much? Have you lost someone very close to you and you are in a lot of grief right now? Read Dr. Pitstick's description of his personal journey after the passing of this dad.

"Heaven and Hell"
Heaven has been depicted in various ways by different cultures and religions.  These concepts range from literal, physical states of playing golden harps along golden streets to more symbolic representations of inner peace and connection with the One.  In light of collective and contemporary findings, heaven definitely does not appear to be only a future abode—with its own address and zip code—for only a select few.  The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that heaven is always an open-ended possibility for all.  

"Suicide: NOT the Unforgivable Sin"
Many have been taught by their churches that suicide is an unforgivable sin.  However, there are several indications that God loves, understands, forgives, and assists everyone—even those who take their own lives.  This is especially the case for people who suffer intractable physical pain, severe emotional distress, or mental confusion because of alcohol/drug abuse or abnormal brain chemistry. 

"Near-Death Experiences: Messages from the Light"
When I was nine years old, my Uncle Cliff’s car collided with a semi.  He nearly died from severe multiple injuries and was in the hospital for a long time.   When he finally came home, he was pale, thin, missing teeth, and couldn’t walk.  From his hospital bed in their living room, he spoke through a wired jaw about what he experienced when he almost died.  Walking in a meadow of lush green grass, hearing beautiful music, and seeing Jesus.  Feeling an accelerated awareness with everything being more brilliant and colorful than usual.  No longer fearing death.  Being so peaceful that, except for missing his family, he didn’t care if he came back.  


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